Troupe Vertigo


Troupe Vertigo’s spellbinding performances ignite the imagination through stunning physical feats choreographed into works of art. Their commitment to create work that is an eclectic and innovative mix of Circus-Dance-Theater redefines visual space with displays of mental and physical prowess.

Incorporating artistic components from across different creative disciplines, Troupe Vertigo shows create stories woven together using highly stylized choreography, lighting and music to create scenes with imaginative visual landscapes.


“…where feats of athleticism and true human power are stripped of artifice.” – Los Angeles Times


“The performance certainly brought the ‘WOW’ factor and the audience to its feet with the
jaw-dropping acrobatics of Los Angeles-based Troupe Vertigo. ” – MD THEATRE GUIDE


Tech Overview

  • Sound: House Sound w/ local tech to run sound
  • Piano: Not required
  • Lights: House lights w/ local tech to run lights augmented by instruments carried by the company
  • Hospitality: Hot meal for 7
  • Stage: 40’ wide x 30’ deep x 20’ high


  • Company Approval: Because of the aerial rig requirements and the safety of the performers, the company must approve the venue before finalizing its commitment to perform there. This process will be done after the booking meeting, and before the end of December 2021. The company will need exact stage dimensions and photos of your venue (minimum stage size is 40’ wide x 30’ deep x 20’ high). Please have an individual acquainted with the auditorium that we can contact.  See an example of an aerial rig below.