Parallel Exit

Three person blend of physical comedy, tap dance, music and mime + 2 technicians

A New York City-based nouveau vaudeville company of 3. 

Mixing song & dance with slapstick physical comedy to produce a delightful show for any audience, PE toured very successfully for ACS in the 10-11 season. 

Performing since ‘97, PE knows how to entertain. This will be a terrific show for the whole family—a fine way to have fun together while learning a bit about the how the vaudeville circuit entertained a century ago.  Each performer is experienced and talented in this genre and they work beautifully together. 


“They can get laughs simply by breathing.” – The New York Times

“It’s an exhilarating locomotive of high spirits. Did I mention that the performers make their routines look easy? They also appear to be having a ball.“ – The New York Times


Program Highlights

Action-packed show filled with old-fashioned family entertainment, from tap dance to live music to slapstick comedy.

  • Tap Dance
  • Magic
  • Hat Tricks
  • Slapstick Comedy
  • Circus Tricks
  • Live Music

Sample Musical Numbers:

  • Shine On Harvest Moon
  • I Found A New Baby
  • Bye Bye Blues
  • Hello My Baby

Tech Overview

  • Sound: House Sound + some ACS equipment w/ local tech to run sound ​
  • Piano: Not required
  • Lights: Best available w/ local tech to run lights
  • Hospitality: Light Hospitality