C. Willi Myles


A veteran performer and an extremely funny guy, C. Willi Myles has the gift of connecting people with each other through humor and storytelling that everyone can relate to.

Willi tells extremely funny non-offensive stories and jokes and gives a unique spin to life’s everyday challenges by applying humor to them.

Performing across the U.S. and abroad, his career highlights include several appearances on national television and at the legendary Apollo Theater in New York City.

Referred to as “America’s Everyday Comedian,” his hilarious down-to-earth performance will convince you that Willi is truly comedy at its best!


“C. Willi was “face hurting” funny from start to finish!” – NUMC Foundation

“He does his act with elaborate, witty anecdotes that leaves the audience rolling with laughter.” – St Cloud State University Chronicle

“He is probably the best entertainer we have had in ten years, he is not just a great Entertainer, he is just a good down to earth person.” – Eau Claire Area Chamber


Tech Overview

  • Sound: House Sound + some ACS equipment w/ local tech to run sound
  • Piano: Not required
  • Lights: Best available w/ local tech to run lights
  • Hospitality: Hot Meal for 1